Available for demonstration in the new customer area at the company's Redditch factory, the latest CNC ProfiTrainer builds on the capabilities of an existing 4-axis version with the addition of a rotary table offering +30/-120°.

Powered by a single-phase electrical supply, is likely to be of interest to industrial training establishments, colleges and schools, especially as it is small enough to be transported between different educational centres, if necessary. Larger OEMs and subcontractors may also choose to adopt the machine for operator training. There is a rental option, with payments subtracted from the purchase price if a customer later opts to buy the machine.

Siemens 840D sl control or Fanuc or Heidenhain equivalents can be fitted. Having 200 mm linear travels driven by servomotors at up to 15 m/min over linear rails, the machine is designed to mimic realistically the operation of a full-size Heller machine tool. However, it can also be used to provide training for any make of prismatic machining equipment in a safe environment.

The spindle is driven by a 9,000 rpm/2.75 Nm motor that offers the options of an ER16 collet, as well as manual and automated inserts for holding HSK25 tools. Even functions that cannot be performed on the training machine, such as operation of a tool magazine, can be simulated using control runtimes.