The latest R01 and R04 in Type-VI have bar capacities of 1 and 4 mm respectively, with common front and back spindle modules, each of which is powered by 0.75 kW motor delivering up to 20,000 rpm. The machine sports up to 17 tools - seven for turning, eight for front drilling and two driven positions powered by 0.1 kW, 8,000 rpm unit, with an option to include a gang-tool unit that has three driven units with a 2 mm shift and one with a 10 mm shift.

This third generation of the ultra-compact machine series builds on proven success in the watch, medical and miniature component sectors, and requires a floor area of just 1,465 mm by 535 mm.

Key in supporting high precision in micro-machining is spindle design, and here the latest common design applied to the oil-cooled, main and back spindles are more compact, boasting a reduction of some 25% in overall length and weight, while acceleration and deceleration are faster, with vibration onset performance also improved. Rotary guide bushing is now available in addition to ‘fixed’ and ‘fixed open/close’, enabling a maximum machining length of 30 mm on the R01 platform and 40 mm on the R04 version.

The X- and Y- twin gang-tool slides are now mounted vertically either side of the spindle, with the X-axis tool slide now employing linear motor technology, allowing high acceleration to 30 m/min and eliminating deflection and backlash. To maintain a compact build, the Y-axis is servo-motor-ballscrew-driven, but still achieves 30 m/min rapid rate of traverse.

Employing Citizen’s newly introduced modular build techniques, users have greater flexibility to tailor each machine in cost-effective manner.

As part of the Citizen ‘New Wave’, the Cincom control is enhanced with faster processing, start-up and screen switching.Ancillary devices are now enclosed to aid operability, maintenance and lower levels of heat generation. In addition, to aid practicality of machining micro component types on the R01, a non-contact air blow collection chute is available for workpieces up to 1 mm diameter by 5 mm long. This device also effectively separates chips from the component.

A front collection chute can be specified for workpieces up to 2 mm diameter by up to 20 mm in length and where coolant is run through a semi-circular chute mounted on the back spindle and collects workpieces parted-off during front machining.

A single spindle Type-II is also available. Dedicated to front machining cycles, it has 13 tools.