Series 4 of the Matrix automated tool dispensing and re-ordering system is based on ease of integration into users’ supply chains, for which purpose a generic interface can be provided to ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems as well as a bespoke interface to SAP. To supplement the standard barcode reader for system access, Iscar now offers to write software to allow customer-specific identification systems to be accommodated, such as radio frequency and magnetic ID cards. Extra Matrix management software modules improve functionality and operability, while control firmware can now be remotely updated from Iscar’s global HQ. In addition, many of the hardware elements of the system have been redesigned to improve reliability and service, and to prevent unauthorised access. The graphics-based, touch screen PC-driven Matrix cabinet, which is configured like a sloping-fronted chest of drawers, is that hundreds of different stock items can be stocked and accessed in a compact footprint. Six further cabinets can be connected, according to the size of a user’s tooling inventory, and accessed from the same PC.