The new capability is now in tech preview, by invitation. Says Autodesk: “Never before has it been possible to design sheet metal parts and take them directly into the CAM workspace to generate toolpaths for cutting flat patterns, all in one workflow. Get your waterjets, plasma and laser cutters ready because the sheet metal functionality will be putting them to the test.”

Fusion 360’s branch-and-merge functionality (now in tech preview) allows users to concurrently explore design ideas, then merge them back into the master branch without conflict. Says the company: “No more wonky workflows or duplicate files just to get your progress back into the main assembly. Design is a democracy and with branching and merging, you can be certain that the best design will always prevail.”

‘Fusion 360 in the browser’ capability is also a little closer, with this going into tech preview mode (by invitation) for North American users. This is intended to support browser-based use on Chromebook, an iPad, or a Linux desktop.