The European market is strengthening for XYZ Machine Tools and this annual gathering of distributors is an opportunity to further cement relationships and highlight the latest developments.

Howard Bamforth, export sales director at XYZ Machine Tools, says: “Growth has been strong over the past few years, with sales increasing by around 40% since 2016. We are also continuing to grow our distribution network, with three new partners coming on-board in the past 12 months. The mix of machines and control systems that we can offer appear to be a perfect fit thanks to their ease-of-use and overall capability.”

The delegates saw that the two variants of the ProtoTRAK control – RLX for lathes and RMX for mills – feature a touchscreen for greater ease of use. Machining efficiency is also enhanced with the addition of newly developed ‘Adaptive Machining’ software. This allows users to maximise the performance of the latest cutting tools and improve process times, especially on features such as pockets, and pockets with an unlimited number of islands located inside their boundaries. Further software, such as ‘Auto Geometry Engine’ (AGE), allows operators to create programs, even when certain dimensions are missing from the drawing. AGE performs calculations to fill in the blanks on screen.

“The new ProtoTRAK controls were well received at the recent Southern Manufacturing show and now from our European partners,” says managing director Nigel Atherton. “While the changes to ProtoTRAK will make significant differences to the productivity of XYZ machines, the familiarity of the system will ensure existing users can move seamlessly from old to new. Furthermore, new users will be producing complex parts within a short space of time thanks to ProtoTRAK’s conversational programming and on-board help.”