Turnover for the six month period is 34% higher than the corresponding period in the last financial year and, more encouragingly, the last quarter between January and March shows an increase in sales of 52% compared to last year. While some of this growth is attributed to increasing demand from existing customers, Jemtech is extremely encouraged by the number of new customers that are recognising the fact that the products provided by Jemtech can offer distinct advantages in productivity, increased tool life and improved working conditions. "You get what you pay for is a well worn phrase, but we are finding a greater recognition among our customers that there is a large amount of truth behind it. In fact, it has never been more appropriate, especially with the renewed drive for improved health and safety, it makes perfect commercial sense to buy the best rather than the cheapest. In terms of metalworking fluids the days of price per litre being the driving factor are diminishing as those engineering facilities with a focus on delivering quality and profitable manufacturing are now taking notice of higher quality fluids that will deliver benefits across the board," says Steve Coull, Managing Director, Jemtech (UK). Another important element in the growth in turnover at Jemtech is the acceptance by many engineering companies that the maintenance of metalworking fluids is equally important as that of maintaining the machine tools. The type of company that understands that caring for cutting fluid is essential, not just for the welfare of your employees, but in order to produce components faster, and to a higher standard and at a lower cost, are the same companies that Jemtech is targeting for new business. "We are happy to work with any business where we can enter into discussions around productivity gains, lower costs and a safer working environment. In working in partnership with these customers we can ensure that their metalworking fluid will deliver considerable benefits, their employees are better deployed in the manufacturing process rather than looking after coolant, and there is a definite cost advantage through efficiency savings in allowing our team of experts to manage these fluids."