Explains business development director Charles Addison: “When the original MAS closed due to lack of funding, it left a gap in the manufacturing industry. Prompted by the uncertainty surrounding the government’s industrial strategy, we gathered a coalition of our members, led by non-executive chairman Lord Mike Whitby, to see what could be done about the industry’s uncertainty concerning who to turn to for advice and for help navigating the innovation minefield.

“It became clear that there was the technical capability and industry knowledge among our members, and the capacity in the Made in the Midlands team, to combine efforts and launch MAS as on online help desk for Britain’s manufacturers. The service will help businesses find the support and advice they need, about everything from process improvements and research and development (R&D) grants, to access to finance and marketing best practice.”

A launch event was held on 24 August and attended by more than 150 leading Midlands manufactures.

Find out more about how MAS can help your business at www.manufacturingadvisoryservice.com. Alternatively, you can contact the Made in the Midlands team to find out about the organisation’s various services by calling 0330 088 9691 or visiting the website here.