Janus Engineering is an expert in Siemens NX. Franck Paris, managing director, describes the background to the SOLID IPW project: “Driven by our goal of continuous improvement and innovation for customers, for a long time we've been seeking solutions to improve the use of machining simulation results within NX. We’re especially interested in applications where part manufacturing requires multiple set ups.

“Following detailed discussions with the MachineWorks team, we were able to realise the full potential of their new feature detection module,” he continues. “This technology was exactly what we needed to obtain the required accuracy from the in-process stock to make it useful in our customers’ work flows. After extensive testing we integrated MachineWorks and its new Parasolid Bridge into Siemens NX, and we are now happy to be able to offer it to our customers.”

MachineWorks’ Parasolid Bridge is a newly developed library that uses the MachineWorks feature detection module to analyse the in-process stock and construct a Parasolid model. Portions of surfaces that map on to planes, spheres, cylinders, cones and torus are recreated in Parasolid as analytic primitives, while more complex freeform surfaces can be passed as polygon meshes using Siemens’ ‘Convergent Modeling’ technology in Parasolid.

The Parasolid Bridge for Polygonica also generates a Parasolid model, but based on a general polygon mesh rather than an in-process stock model.

Using Parasolid Communicator with ‘Convergent Modeling’ APIs, a fully compliant Parasolid XT model can be constructed that is suitable for the accurate design of complex fixturing, inspection planning, engineering documentation and even as an input to CAM tool-path generation algorithms.