The company is aiming to reinvent parts washing by introducing a game-changing aqueous degreasing technology. ‘Ambimization’, as the technology is known, works at ambient temperatures and eliminates the need for hazardous hydrocarbon-based solvents, heated detergents and caustic degreasers to be stored and handled onsite.

Safe Solvents’ latest capital raise included a highly successful campaign on CrowdCube, which delivered 19% of the round from 366 individual investors, with the average investment being £700, and the largest £33,000. Funds raised will allow the company to develop its operating infrastructure, with a strong focus on production, sales, marketing, finance and servicing. This strategy will lay the groundwork for planned scale-up activity in mid-2020, and continue the drive towards Safe Solvents’ five-year goal of securing 8% of the UK market.

Launching in 2015, the company switched from a sales to a ‘solution as a service’ model in January 2018. Customers come from a variety of sectors, including motorsport, marine and aerospace.

Tom Sands, CEO and founder, says: “Safe Solvents was created to deliver a safer, cleaner and greener alternative to parts washing. I believe that the interest in Safe Solvents is due to the company being at the forefront of addressing some of the major issues and concerns facing the corporate world. Productivity, sustainability and environmental responsibility are becoming ever-more important for investors, boards and management teams. Our Ambimization technology will help many in the industrial sector overcome such challenges.”