CFturbo software incorporates functions and menu options to convert its output files into recognised design platforms such as AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Siemens NX, Catia and Inventor. With the collaborative agreement, CFturbo users can now export design files into Open Mind’s hyperMill platform to generate CAM files for streamlined design-to-production workflows.

The collaboration will accelerate the product development and production processes for designers and manufacturers, while maintaining a high level of accuracy and consistency. CFturbo’s software platform provides an integrated approach that enables users to proceed from conceptual design, through meshing and 3D CAD platforms, to CFD and FEA simulation, complete CAE workflows, analysis, and testing and validation.

Co-operating with Open Mind allows CFturbo users to go beyond simulation, analysis and test validation, through to complete CAM NC programming for production purposes.

The multi-blade and single-blade turbomachinery solutions are embedded within hyperMill. Robust CNC post-processors are also provided to assure strong communication with machine-tool controllers.

This partnership between CFturbo and Open Mind brings product, services, sales and technical teams together for a complete end-to-end software solution. Customers can work with each company to obtain tools, training and services. Both organisations are well represented with direct employees and authorised resellers.