In the last two months, the CAM developer has expanded its training facility to allow over 10 customers to undertake training at any one time. This follows the re-development of the Bicester-based company's headquarters that saw both its seminar theatre and office space increased, as well as a meeting room added for customer support use.

Open Mind reports that, through 2016, its ‘hyperMILL’ CAM package exceeded all previous sales records and, importantly, that it saw a 150% increase in enquiry levels gained at major UK manufacturing exhibitions. The recent launch of version 2017.1 and the imminent launch of hyperMILL Version 2017.2 will build on the software’s strengths, which are put as being the combination of ease-of-use and an intuitive configuration, together with “continually evolving innovative performance package enhancements such as MAXX Machining”.

Says Open Mind Technologies UK managing director Adrian Smith: “hyperMILL has long been acknowledged as the leading CAM system for quickly and efficiently programming complex 5-axis components with ground-breaking toolpaths and strategies that have led the industry. This has enabled Open Mind to be the package of choice for the F1 teams and the motorsport supply chain, a sector renowned for complex parts demanding fast turnaround times. More recently, we have taken this expertise to the aerospace, automotive and medical industries, with phenomenal success.

“As well as targeting these sectors, Open Mind has evolved recent versions of hyperMILL to provide an intuitive entry-level system for businesses that are new to CAM software. Having an entry point for manufacturers, with everything from simple 3-axis machining through to complex 5-axis requirements, is enabling us to extend our reach in the marketplace. Meeting the needs of the entire manufacturing industry through a modular CAM package is why the company has extended its office space and started a program of growing the team to support our ongoing success.”