It's called the VTC 800/30HD, with the HD standing for 'heavy duty', and it's been strengthened so it can resist vibration when cutting hard-to-machine metals. The machine was on Mazak's stand at MACH 2014, but is now available to order. Richard Smith, managing director UK & Ireland sales division for Yamazaki Mazak, says the VTC 800 is loved by customers in the UK, but they'd love it even more if it was capable of cutting metals like Inconel and titanium. He comments: "The VTC 800 series has been one of our most successful machines in recent years. However, almost from the time of the launch of the original, our customers were asking for a heavy duty version capable of cutting more demanding materials." The machine is a standard VTC 800 but has a more rigid column and carrier structure so it can deliver all of its power with no vibration or loss of accuracy. It's a 50 taper variant and the 10,000 rpm spindle delivers continuous power of 22 kW and a 'short time' torque of 302 Nm. The machine boasts a rapid feed rate of 50 m/min in the X,Y and Z -axes; 0.5 G of acceleration and a 5.7 second chip-to-chip tool change time, with 36 tools provided as standard. Smith adds: "The new VTC 800/30HD has undergone extensive development to produce a structure capable of delivering the torque and power of a true 50 taper machine. "The highly rigid column carrier delivers class-leading performance with enhanced vibration dampening capability without compromising on accuracy. "This new version combines ergonomic design, agility with spindle performance and completes the VTC 800 series range, which has proved so popular in the UK market."