Collectively, the eight subcontract manufacturers and an engineering design agency, have added £8 million of new sales to its combined turnover, while more than £5 million has been invested in technology, capital equipment and the recruitment of 60 staff.

“Manufacturers are not a greedy bunch and we’re not looking for hand-outs; quite the opposite,” explains Crozier, who is also the CEO of metal pressings specialist Brandauer. “Most of us just want a level playing field that we can trade on, and an end to the uncertainty that Brexit is creating. Let us focus on what we do best and compete on quality, price and competitiveness.

“The one thing we can’t do is let sector experts and economists talk us into a downturn, as that’s not going to help anyone,” he continues. “We need to focus on what has been happening and take measures to offset any issues that may arise if the deal isn’t exactly what we wanted. The overwhelming feeling at our last meeting was one of positivity and planning ahead. There was no talk of holding back on investment or stopping expansion. If anything, purse strings are being relaxed so that we don’t miss out on opportunities.”

MAN members work together to win orders and share best practice and resources. The collective enjoys sales worth more than £75 million and employs over 800 people. Its membership includes Alucast, Barkley Plastics, Brandauer, C-MAC SMT, Grove Design, KimberMills, Mec Com, Muller Holdings and PP Control & Automation.

“Regardless of which way Brexit goes, it should prompt the UK to buy more products that are made here,” says Crozier. “It’s something that is in our control and can be so important in driving industry forward and supporting more domestic jobs. British manufacturing is a massive badge of quality for international firms, so why it doesn’t apply back home I’ll never know. As consumers we’re missing a trick.”