Lenox will supply coated blades, while Wikus, represented by UK agent Harrison Saws, will provide an uncoated variety. The theme will be 'Profit by Performance' and a KASTOtec AC4 will be employed for cost per cut trials on titanium and stainless steel bar. Visitors will be invited to submit their current sawing data for analysis and comparison. Kasto's UK managing director, Ernst Wagner, believes that his 'cost per cut' message, promoted for some time, is beginning to hit home. His comments were made in early December 2011, against a background of six-month order intake higher than at any time since Kasto Ltd was formed, in 2004. Even the pre-recession boom years of 2005 and 2006 did not match the second half of 2011 for sawing machine sales activity, which was over 60% up on the same period in 2010. Over 90% of turnover in bandsawing machines was generated by the German manufacturer's top-end models in the -tec range. Two of the machines were supplied with KPC (Kasto Performance Cutting) technology, which typically trebles cut piece output provided that coated TCT (tungsten carbide tipped) blades are used. Indeed, feeds and speeds are limited only by current bandsaw blade coatings: KPC is theoretically capable of even greater productivity gains. Moreover, KASTOtec saws used in standard mode with uncoated TCT or bimetal blades strongly outperform other machines on the market, Mr Wagner asserts, due to better vibration management and reduced blade oscillation capabilities. And he stresses that high-end sawing machines, such the KASTOtec range, although requiring higher initial capital investment than the industry average - including Kasto's own mid range -twin, -evo and -verto products - are often less expensive to operate in terms of the overall cost of sawing a unit area of stock. If all the costs of ownership and operation are taken into account, including operators' wages, a Kasto machine has been shown to be capable of paying for itself in a shorter time than a cheaper saw. In some cases, a complete shift can be eliminated. Furthermore, enhanced reliability and accuracy underpins faster deliveries and higher levels of customer service, leading to more business and higher market share. Visitors to the February event will the opportunity of probing deeper.