The CAM software company has already developed integration with Mitsubishi’s LA-Module, allowing for easy selection of Mitsubishi cutting condition files. LA-Module is made from Mitsubishi’s own ‘LA CAM’ software as an engine of Mitsubishi laser machining know-how, optimising NC data for Mitsubishi CNC lasers and providing accurate runtime estimation.

Jetcam has post-processors that can either generate NC data and interface with LA-Module to obtain the machining time estimation, or XML path data that interfaces with LA-Module to generate NC data and machining time estimation.Both posts can retrieve condition file data and other machine parameter information.

Martin Bailey, general manager for JETCAM International s.a.r.l. says: “This partnership allows Jetcam users to benefit from ‘best in class’ technology from CAD file to cut component. Utilising Jetcam’s total automation, and coupled with Mitsubishi’s renowned speed and quality, this allows companies to significantly reduce the time to generate NC code, whilst ensuring the most accurate runtime estimation information for costing purposes.”