The installation drawing this accolade was the delivery of an Index MS22-8 multi-spindle turning machine to Paul Bippus GmbH & Co KG in Oberndorf on the Neckar, Germany.

The Index Virtual Machine is a 1:1 digital twin of a real machine. This Industry 4.0 product, which has proven itself across many years, delivers major productivity boosting potential. The Virtual Machine allows users to virtually plan, test and even optimise new set-ups and workpiece machining operations beforehand in real time, with 100% transferability to the real machine thereafter. It identifies potential problems at an early stage, allowing sufficient time for them to be resolved. The result is reduced set-up time and downtime during production. This in turn increases security and efficiency.

Jürgen Köhler, head of the Digital Factory Germany Division, visited an Index Open House, together with a delegation, to present the Siemens Award in the shape of a glass cube featuring a hologram of a virtual machine.