The company's chairman, Jimmy Chu, made the announcement during a visit to manufacturing technology show EMO, Milan, earlier this month, reports Taiwan website ''. Fair Friend Group, via its machine tool division, Feeler, can ship 380 machine tools per month, which will reach 400 by the end of this year, it was said. The machine tools division of Fair Friend Group was established in 1985. Fair Friend Enterprise Group is involved in a number of other activities, taking in bearing housings, garage parking equipment, power tools, builders' hardware, pneumatic tools and equipment, construction machinery, forklift trucks, and printed circuit board. Consolidated sales for its machine tool division exceeded $310.55 million two years ago and will reach $1.24 billion in 2015, reports The Engineering Technology Group recently became the exclusive UK agent for Feeler, which unveiled four new machines at EMO - FMH500 111, a 4-axis twin pallet horizontal machining centre; B-800A-5AX, 5-axis vertical machining centre; HV32A.APC, a 3-axis, twn pallet vertical machining centre; and HT-30SY, 7-axis lathe.