Design Reality’s team can monitor usage and costs via a digital dashboard, providing critical insight on print job usage and associated costs. This guaranteed price-per-build removes the challenges associated with variable costs, enabling Design Reality to quote the cost of a part with confidence and consistency.

HP’s Jet Fusion 3D 4200 allows Design Reality to offer customers an end-to-end solution for its design, prototyping and production needs, ensuring consistency and quick turnarounds for customers. The durability of HP materials was another key factor in the purchase decision, as demand was increasing among Design Reality customers for the delivery of robust, practical products such as construction hats and prosthetic limbs. The company primarily uses HP Nylon 12 material to minimise waste and optimise cost, as well as part quality.

Moving into additive manufacturing has helped Design Reality attract several new customers. The introduction of HP technology means that the company can now support its client base throughout the product lifecycle, from initial design through to production. As a result, Design Reality has reduced its outsourcing requirements, which is increasing turnover and driving continued business growth.

The company says that the technology offered in the HP Multi jet Fusion HP 3D 4200 enables reliable prototyping and production, delivering quality products into the hands of clients, faster and at a lower cost. Subsequently, customers no longer have to wait for conventional tooling and manufacturing processes, while saving on the associated investment.