Sarginsons was asked to create the part from single piece aluminium frame – something which had never been done before and many in the industry felt was impossible.

Murrell’s visit saw her hand over the award to the team and get a feel for the work that the company undertakes.

“Sarginsons has been consistently proactive in developing the company and the wider industry, whether through investing in new technologies, supporting industry training events and hosting visits, engaging with university-led programmes such as LiME at BCAST, as well as supporting local schools with industrial engagement programmes and taking on apprentices,” she says. “I think this outward looking attitude is to be commended and leads to involvement in innovative projects such as the one being celebrated by this award.”

Kevin Brierley, Sarginsons technical manager, adds: “We were delighted to welcome Pam to Sarginsons. The whole team was very proud of our achievement in winning the award and this was an opportunity for us to celebrate.”