Named the Golf GTI First Decade, the 18-to 23-year-old apprentices used graphic tablets to create designs and CAD computers to design special components, which were then produced using advanced 3D printing technology.

The car made its world debut at the Wörthersee meeting – the traditional GTI fans’ meeting in Austria last month.

The First Decade was created in slightly less than nine months on the basis of ideas provided by the apprentices. It is the latest of 10 show car projects since 2008.

It combines a 410 PS (300 kW) petrol engine driving the front wheels with a 48-volt electric motor that drives the rear wheels with a maximum output of 12 kW. The two drive systems can be used separately but also work hand-in-hand when required.

Says Peter Christ, head of automotive technology training in Wolfsburg: “During the creation of their dream GTI, our apprentices learn about the complexity and future challenges of automobile production.

“They gained further experience in the use of digital technologies, the application of system technology and electro-mobility. This is why we choose our strongest talents and offer them the opportunity to learn from experienced instructors and experts from the entire company at an early stage.”