Features List 2018

Download the pdf version of the 2018 features list here.

Month Production processes Production support Sectors Special Reports Exhibitions
Jan Machining centres Sawing & steelworking Grinding, honing & surface finishing Quality & metrology Aerospace MACH (9-13 April) First Preview
METAV (20-24 Feb) Preview
Southern Manufacturing, (6-8 Feb) Preview
Feb Turning Punch, profile, bend & form Workholding, accessories, barfeeds Coolants & cutting oils Subcontracting
Tool, mould & die making
MACH (9-13 April) Second Preview
Mar EDM & ECM Additive manufacturing Tooling Industry 4.0 & automation CADCAM & production IT Medical
Heavy engineering
Aerospace MACH (9-13 April) Third Preview
Apr Machining centres Composites machining Deep hole drilling Quality & metrology Cleaning & degreasing   Subcontracting
  MACH (9-13 April) Show issue
Control, Stuttgart, (24-27 April) Preview
May Turning Grinding, honing & surface finishing Part marking & traceability     Motorsport Tooling, workholding & accessories MENE, Newcastle (4-6 July) First preview
MACH (9-13 April) Review
Jun Sawing & steelworking Punch, profile, bend & form Tooling CADCAM, production IT Subcontracting
Launched at MACH MENE, Newcastle (4-5 July) Second preview
Farnborough International (16-22 July) Preview
Jul Machining centres EDM & ECM Additive manufacturing Workholding, accessories & barfeeds Quality & metrology Aerospace Energy
Aug Turning Composites machining Micro-machining Cleaning & degreasing Subcontracting Industry 4.0 & automation AMB (18-22 Sept) Preview
Sep Grinding, honing & surface finishing Deep hole drilling Tooling Part marking & traceability Heavy engineering
Tool, mould & die making
Five-axis machining EuroBLECH (23-26 Oct) Preview
Oct Machining centres Punch, profile, bend & form CADCAM & production IT Quality & metrology Subcontracting
Aerospace Formnext (13-16 Nov) Preview
Parts2Clean (23-25 Oct) Preview
Nov Turning EDM & ECM Additive manufacturing Workholding, accessories & barfeeds Industry 4.0 & automation   Energy CADCAM & production IT IMTS (10-15 Sept) Review
Dec Grinding, honing & surface finishing Sawing & steelworking Coolants & cutting oils Tooling   Subcontracting
Speaking of success Autosport Engineering (Jan 2019) Preview
EuroBLECH (23-26 Oct) Review

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