These include the milling of components with deep cavities, as widely found throughout all industry sectors, and turning applications in the energy sector (oil industry valves, for instance), as well as aerospace landing gear.

Pre-set by Walter and delivered ready for use, the axially- and radially-positioned damping element allows turning operations up to 10x diameter with high process reliability and excellent surface finish using, for example, A3000 boring bars.

Examples include H7 engineering tolerances and the counterboring of generator shafts to finishes of Rz 6.3. Combined with the also new QuadFit quick-change heads, rapid tool change to repeat accuracies of ±2 microns are made possible.

When milling, Accure-tec AC001 adaptors of up to 5x diameter can be applied with cutting data up to three times higher than with conventional tools. These adaptors are particularly suited to Walter’s high-feed milling cutters, which exhibit their main cutting forces in the axial direction of the spindle.

Also promising longer tool life and higher productivity rates, Accure-tec AC001 (milling) and A3000 (turning) are supplied with all popular interfaces including Walter Capto, HSK/HSK-T, SK, MAS-BT and parallel shank.