CoroPlus ToolPath for PrimeTurning now supports profiling and facing for external turning, in addition to existing programmable support for longitudinal turning. The software also enables CAD models to be imported (in STEP and IGES formats, among others) and offers 3D simulation with collision detection.

Another key added feature is an improved and intuitive interface for machinists who do not have CAM software with PrimeTurning support, or those undertaking their programming tasks on the shop floor (an option exists to run on desktops or mobile devices).

The user is able to generate NC code in a few quick and easy steps, says Sandvik Coromant. After specifying the operation, machine parameters, workpiece details and material information, the software automatically recommends the right tools to use along with the cutting data. The operator can simply use the suggested solution or alter parameters to get customised results.

Before creating the final NC code, the PrimeTurning tool-path software enables the user to run a simulation to verify no collisions and change any parameters as required. He or she can then generate a new program within seconds and run another simulation until they are satisfied enough to produce the correct code. The software enables the user to stop anywhere in the process, running a simulation block-by-block, or going back into the code if preferred.

Although CoroPlus ToolPath for PrimeTurning is subscription-based software, a one-month free trial is available for users to get hands-on experience before committing to the annual payment.