This versatile 5-axis machine features a high-rigidity bridge construction and a fully supported travelling trunnion table.

Alan Mucklow, managing director UK & Ireland sales and service division at Yamazaki Mazak, says: “While the numbers of British machine-tool builders have dwindled over time, Mazak has continued to invest in its UK R&D and production facilities. The CV5-500 is the latest in a long line of Mazak machines to have been fully designed and built in Britain.”

The CV5-500 features a newly designed constant overhang headstock to maintain machining rigidity, even at the full extent of the Z-axis stroke. The machine is equipped with a 12,000 rpm spindle offering 18.5 kW and 119.4 Nm, making it suitable for a range of materials. An optional 18,000 rpm spindle, which includes core cooling through the X-, Y- and Z-axis ball-screws, is available for high-speed applications.

Mazak’s CV5-500 is equipped with a high-rigidity Sankyo table, driven with roller gear cam that provides a wide angle of rotation, specifically 220o in the B axis and 360o in the C axis. The CV5-500 delivers agile performance, with rapid traverse rates of 36 m/min in the X, Y and Z axes, and can process workpieces up to 500 mm in diameter by 320 mm tall, and up to 200 kg in weight. Additionally, the thermal shield system maintains stable cutting accuracy by applying automatic compensation to combat temperature fluctuations.

As well as offering high performance, the CV5-500 design prioritises operator access and ergonomics without compromising the potential to integrate automation systems. The machine can be easily supported with a variety of automation solutions due to the addition of a side-loading door, robot interface, and hydraulic and pneumatic fixture interface options. Crucially, access to the front of the machine remains uninhibited from automation equipment, meaning operators retain convenient access for set-ups with full visibility of the machining operation at all times.

At just 2,300 by 2,790 mm, the machine is said to be the most compact 5-axis machine in its class, making it suitable for general subcontract and job shops where floor space is at a premium. Careful attention has been paid to minimise the surrounding maintenance area, specifically with the coolant tank and side-exit chip conveyor, which can be pulled out from the front of the machine to provide convenient access to key maintenance areas. In addition, the rear of the machine can be sited close to a factory wall to minimise floor space.

The tool magazine comes with a 30-tool capacity as standard and an option for 48 tools if required, while the double arm ATC offers a tool-to-tool time of just 1.3 seconds. A side-loading door to the magazine is standard, which allows tools to be replaced even in automatic cycle. Also featured is SmoothX CNC, Mazak’s 5-axis version of its Smooth Technology.

Mucklow concludes: “The CV5-500 can deliver a step-change in productivity for both seasoned 5-axis users, as well as those looking to take their first steps in the technology. From its high-rigidity bridge construction and newly designed constant overhang headstock, to its ergonomic design and easy integration with ancillary automation systems, the CV5-500 is every inch the modern machining centre.”