Tungaloy’s latest drilling platform permits fast drill-head indexing thanks to a self-clamping mechanism that eliminates the need to remove the drill body from the spindle for tool changeovers or re-adjustment of tool overhang.

The DMC drill head incorporates a centre-point, chisel-edge geometry that self-centres to provide accurate hole diameter and circularity. In addition, the geometry features a double-margin design that stabilises the drill during machining processes, thus improving surface finish, straightness and precision levels.

DrillMeister DMC is available with Tungaloy’s AH9130 insert grade, which incorporates a next-generation coating that has been specifically engineered for drilling applications. AH9130 features a nano-scale, multi-layered coating that is applied in three primary layers. This coating technology is said to provide an optimal combination of resistance to physical and chemical stresses, such as wear, fracture, oxidation, built-up edge and delamination.

The DrillMeister DMC drill head is available in diameters from 10 to 19.9 mm in increments of 0.1 mm, while its double-margin drill head geometry ensures improved surface finish and precision without the need for pre-spotting or pecking cycles. Drilling operations up to 12xD can be performed.