Having a press force of 1,300 kN, bending length of 3,230 mm, maximum blank size of 1,000 by 2,000 mm and maximum sheet capacity of 40 kg, the cell can be programmed using the TecZone Bend software, which takes just seconds to create bending programs, making small batch sizes a sensible application.

TecZone Bend programming software that comes with Trumpf’s manual bending machines is now also included with the TruBend Cell 5000. It takes just seconds to program parts using the software. In most cases, no manual intervention is necessary and the software can even process multiple parts simultaneously, where required. It provides fully automated calculations of the optimum bending sequence, the optimum combination of tools and the path to be followed by the robot. It also ensures collisions are avoided throughout the bending process.

TecZone Bend can break down assemblies in just one click to show the individual parts. The programming system even generates suggestions on the best way to pick up the blanks and stack the finished parts, though users can manually adjust these suggested settings at any time. This rapid programming is one of the keys to making automated fabrication affordable for even the smallest batch sizes. Smart automated functions free up programmers from some of the most tedious and repetitive tasks, giving an added boost to quality.

The new TruBend Cell 5000 is available with bending machines from the current TruBend Series 5000. It comes with a highly dynamic and precise drive that also offers extremely quiet and energy-efficient operation. Compared to a conventional hydraulic drive, the drive in the TruBend Cell 5000 consumes up to 50% less energy while also increasing cell productivity. A backgauge system ensures blanks are in exactly the right position in the machine during the bending process. An angle measuring system uses a laser to automatically check the bending angle. It works regardless of which tool is currently in use and makes any adjustments that may become necessary during operation.

The new generation of the TruBend Cell 5000 is equipped with numerous automation components. One example is the BendMaster, which handles bending operations. Trumpf developed this robot specifically for automated bending. It is available with a maximum carrying capacity of 150 kg or 60 kg. The BendMaster can be automatically provided with various grippers that allow it to convey blanks of up to 4 m in length from a stack to the machine. The robot uses a newly developed digital sensor to automatically identify parts, enabling it to pick up each sheet in the appropriate way. It uses either grippers or vacuum suction cups to pick up blanks, depending on their size. The system also includes a double sheet detection feature that ensures only one sheet is removed from the stack at a time. If the bending cell is connected to a storage system, the BendMaster retrieves the raw material directly from the storage cart. Finished parts can be sorted into boxes or placed on pallets and conveyor belts.