Seco’s Double Quattromill 22 comes in 45° and 68° lead angle versions for depths of cut up to 9 and 11 mm respectively. The double-sided inserts used in the range generate lower cutting forces and consequently, require less machine tool power and provide customers with longer tool life.

Cutter bodies are available with fixed-pocket and/or cassette type options, in standard or close-pitch versions. The cutters also feature Seco's latest surface texture technology on their cutter body flutes to improve durability and facilitate more effective chip control and evacuation.

Seco’s Double Quattromill 22 offers a range of inserts, with various geometry and grade combinations to suit most materials. ME12 geometry inserts are aimed at the machining of superalloys and stainless steels, while M12 geometry inserts are available in many grades and can be used to machine most workpiece materials. M18 geometry inserts, with their stronger edge protection, are designed for machining steel and cast iron.