Selecting the right metal powder is a vital consideration in AM, as the quality and properties of the powder strongly influence the characteristics of the end component.

To get optimum results in AM, it is essential to use high-quality metal powders with good flow properties. With more than 150 years of material knowledge and in-house powder manufacturing capabilities, Sandvik is a specialist when it comes to gas-atomised AM powders, as well as in matching the right materials to the specific print processes and applications.

The company’s AM machine shop includes all relevant AM processes for metals, meaning the powder can be tailored to any printing process. Sandvik’s metallurgical capabilities are topped off with its high levels of traceability, made possible by having the full supply chain in-house, even from base manufacturing – Sandvik’s titanium powder plant is set to have its official opening on 22 October. There will be an extended full-day programme for VIPs, including workshops and presentations about new developments in metal powder and additive manufacturing. The highly automated plant is located in Sandviken, Sweden, close to Sandvik’s Additive Manufacturing Centre.