The development builds on the tooling expert’s R840, currently the largest selling drill in the business’s solid round tools offering. Delivering an upgrade to this, the CoroDrill 860 with -GM geometry features a new grade, innovative flute design with a multi-layer physical vapour deposition (PVD) coating on the drill tip. The results are improved drilling capabilities across a range of materials and applications — including general engineering and automotive — and a much greater tool life than its predecessor, the R840.

One of the most innovative qualities of the drill is its advanced geometry, with the double margin adding stability, increased core strength and reinforced corners, all of which contribute to process security and finished hole quality. The flute is highly polished, which helps improve chip evacuation and reduces heat build-up during the drilling process.

The advanced geometry of the CoroDrill 860-GM makes it ideal for use with a variety of materials — including steel, stainless steel, cast iron and hardened metals. It also performs competitively when tackling non-ferrous metals, such as copper and aluminium, and heat-resistant super-alloys.

James Thorpe, global product manager at Sandvik Coromant, says: “Sandvik Coromant provides machining solutions for a multitude of industrial sectors. We are always improving our offering and understand that enhanced tool life and improved productivity are two of our customers’ major requirements. The CoroDrill 860 with -GM geometry is suitable for applications where hole quality is critical within the automotive, general machinery and oil and gas industries.

“We wanted to offer an improved solution for a vast range of industrial applications and also to streamline our product offering,” he adds. “We’ve achieved this with a single, multi-purpose drill that gives superior performance across a range of materials. As well as improved drilling quality for our customers, they can also reduce their tooling inventory and overall production costs, with greater machine flexibility and reduced set-up times.

“With the new addition to the CoroDrill 860 family, we hope to target a greater variety of industrial sectors while continuing to offer even more possibilities to our existing customers.”