Safechem Europe provides products and services for the sustainable use of chlorinated and non-chlorinated solvents for high precision metal surface cleaning and dry cleaning applications. It works with a number of UK-based providers of solvent-using degreasing equipment, such as IB Industries.

CBPE Capital LLP has extensive experience in the chemical sector, having invested in five chemical companies over the last 10 years, acquiring assets from Degussa AG, BP plc, Chemtura Corp. and Henkel Inc.

Safechem Europe was recently recognised via a Cefic European Responsible Care Award ‘Product Stewardship Special Accenture Award’ for its Chemical Leasing business model (award receipt pictured).

The award recognises the company’s Complease chemical leasing service, which helps to reduce solvent consumption while also improving the cleaning process. The business model contains chemical product services along the solvent’s life cycle that help to optimise resource efficiency and intensify the re-use loop.

Says states Mathew Hutchinson, partner at CBPE: “Safechem is a very successful company with a unique business model. The combination of its sustainability mindset, quality-orientation and focus on customer requirements make it exceptional in its market segments. We are looking forward to supporting Safechem’s long-term strategy, enabling the business to thrive in the future.”

Manfred Holzleg, general manager of Safechem, adds: “I am very pleased to announce CBPE as the new Safechem owner. Dow founded Safechem, establishing the unique business model, and has been a very supportive owner of the business. With CBPE, I am confident that we have a committed and reliable partner to support our exciting growth plans for the future, such as our geographic expansion and the accelerated launch of new products. The time is right, as our customers have increasing demands for quality, service and flexibility which we are keen to surpass.”