In operation, a raw plate is loaded onto the drilling zone of the V330S and the drilling gantry starts to drill the required holes. When the drilling pattern is complete, the two magnetic lift-equipped gantries work together to bring the plate to the cutting table. After releasing the plate, the drilling gantry moves back to the drilling table and the cutting gantry starts cutting. While the two gantries are moving the plate to the cutting position, a new raw plate can be loaded on to the drilling table. Various solutions for automatic unloading, stocking and stacking for further processing are available. The operating range of the V330S is 3,050 by 6,100 mm (with an option plate extension to 12,200 mm) and the machine can be equipped with up to four oxy fuel cutting torches as well as a plasma torch. The V330S is provided with fast carbide drills to produce holes 8 to 40 mm in diameter.