Both are characterised by an 18.9 kW/40 Nm tool carousel deploying 22 cutters at up to 10,000 rpm, or 16,000 rpm with the BIG Plus dual-contact spindle option. Below it is an A-axis trunnion carrying a high output, direct-drive, C-axis turning table. Rated at 4.6 kW/1,500 rpm in the new machine, it is over one-quarter more powerful than the table in the smaller model and generates up to 102 Nm of turning torque. When milling, 30 m/min cutting feed rate maintains a high level of productivity and 400 Nm of C-axis clamping force ensures accuracy is maintained.

A generous A-axis rotation range from +120 to -30 degrees allows machining of features at the rear of components and facilitates loading and unloading of parts at the front of the machine. The axis is tilted by a backlash-free roller drive to promote accurate metalcutting. A holding force of 500 Nm, without the need for mechanical clamping, delivers high speed indexing combined with rigidity when milling parts at an angle or turning them in the horizontal plane.

Non-productive time is minimised by repositioning the X, Y, Z, A and C axes simultaneously during tool change, which takes place in 1.5 seconds chip-to-chip. Linear rapids are 50 m/min and the A and C axes move at up to 50 and 200 rpm respectively. The spindle motor's fast acc/dec and a highly responsive servo control enable a start-up and stop time of 0.2 second. The turning table reaches 1,500 rpm from zero is less than 0.3 second.

Accessibility for workpiece transfer is ergonomic and the wide door opening can be automated to allow robotic component load / unload from the front, enabling extended periods of unattended and overnight running in high production environments.

Alternatively, all Speedio machining centres are equipped to interface directly with a purpose-built Feedio vision-based robotic component handling system. Jointly developed by Brother and ABB, whose 6-axis robot loads and unloads components from the side, the plug-and-play unit is able to serve one or two machines.

Swarf management is comprehensive, with chip shower and through-tool coolant options. A further design feature is ultra-low use of energy, both during standby and when cutting metal. A high-speed C-00 control system with monitoring of tool change and cutting load completes the package.