RUF already offers hydraulic briquetting for metal, wood, biomass or other residues, offering high throughput from 20 kg/h to 4,800 kg/h, depending on the material. With this acquisition it adds mechanical briquetting and compression by extruder, also known as Shimada technology.

Says Roland Ruf, director at RUF: “We are both family businesses with a very similar philosophy and method of operating. This means we attach great importance to being innovative through our content, employees and presenting ourselves as reliable partners on the market. With this in mind, we will together drive new advances for our customers forward and make use of synergy effects.”

CF Nielsen has been developing, producing and selling its systems since the 1940s. The throughput capacity lies between 200 kg/h and 3,500 kg/h, and the main application areas are the wood and biogenic material processing industries. Recently, the company expanded its product portfolio with the Shimada briquetting technique. These extrusion briquetting machines press highly compacted briquettes using a screw.

Previous owners Mogens S. Knudsen and Henning M. Larsen cite the lack of a successor and the resulting insecurity for the future of the company as the reason for selling their company. This is why, in the beginning of 2018, the Danish entrepreneurs started looking for a fitting buyer with similar values as them, who ensures the jobs of their employees. “In RUF we have found the right family business”, says Mogens S. Knudsen.