The new Plus models can handle bend lengths of 3 and 4 m respectively and have 220 tons of bending force. They feature an open height of 570 mm and stroke of 300 mm as standard to accommodate higher tools (optionally of 670 mm open height and a stroke of 400 mm). The new tools -231 mm punches and 130 mm dies - allow bending of parts with higher flanges.

(Note: the video is shot at an Australian LVD agent's premises)

LVD’s ToolCell hydraulic pressbrake features an integrated toolchanger and tool storage system. The machine automatically selects and places the tooling required for the job. While the operator is preparing parts for the next job, the machine unloads the previous tool set-up and loads the next setup, all without manual intervention. The tool storage system offers a flexible tooling configuration to suit specific application requirements.

LVD’s patented Easy-Form Laser adaptive bending system is standard on all ToolCell models. The machines are fitted with Touch-B CN that employs intuitive graphical icons.

The control is linked to a central Cadman database where all production-relevant data is stored. This makes a fluent, digital transfer of production data from management systems to the shopfloor possible. Communication to management, planning, production, quotation, costing and other external software modules is handled via a standardised open interface.