The system overcomes the problems of accumulative error and trial-and-error bending when forming large profiles. As a result, Synchro-Form ensures precise, efficient bending, eliminating manual operations and increasing throughput.

Synchro-From is suited for the production of large profiles in the crane boom, yellow goods, lighting pole, construction, transport, agricultural, offshore, oil/ gas, and wind-power industries. It an integrated feature of Synchro-Form Series, in models ranging from 320 tons by 4 m up to 3,000 tons by 14 m and also available in tandem, tridem and quadem configurations.

Claimed as unique design, Synchro-Form uses a laser scanner and synchro modules (X, R, A-axes magnets) to manipulate, position and measure each bend, relaying the digital information to the Touch-B control, which makes adjustments to part and ram position to achieve the correct profile. Variations are not accumulated but, instead, compensated for at each bend step. Even after multiple, consecutive bends, the profile will be perfectly formed.