The TT1300SYY and TT2100SYY are flexible machines and can be employed in a number of ways. For instance, twin-turret capability allows simultaneous OD and ID cutting to occur on a part located in the machine’s main spindle. Alternatively, the simultaneous milling and turning of components in the machine’s main and sub-spindle enables multiple finished parts to be completed in one cycle, while a further option is to combine operations by machining one side of a part in the main spindle before being finished in (transferred to) the sub-spindle.

Says Mills CNC’s technical director Tony Dale: “Doosan TT machines have a reputation in the market for their accuracy, speed and reliability. The new machines, with their dual Y-axis capability, build on this legacy and take these strengths, along with productivity and efficiency, to a whole new dimension.”

In addition to having Y-axis capability on their upper and lower turrets, the new machines also feature LM roller-type guides on the axes, up to 40 m/min rapid rates, and 11 kW/6,000 rpm/93 Nm spindle performance on the TT1300SYY (15 kW/6,000 rpm/ 116 Nm on the TT2100SYY).

High capability sub-spindles also feature: 11 kW/6,000 rpm for both models. In addition, a low-friction ballscrew design mitigates the effects of thermal drift. Furthermore, both machines feature the Doosan Easy Operation Package for programming, and a Doosan grease lubrication system.