Another advantage of the MEV series is low cutting force, which is achieved due to a maximum axial rake angle of 17°. Newly developed triangular inserts with three cutting edges also contribute to low cutting force and increased tool-holder rigidity. According to Kyocera, milling performance is distinguished by excellent bottom finish and squareness of the workpiece. Furthermore, increased hardness and a wide contact surface serve to improve tool life.

The PR15 series utilises MegaCoat Nano coating technology, which is said to demonstrate excellent wear and adhesion resistance. High insert performance makes machining more stable and less prone to chatter, says Kyocera, in operations that include shouldering, slotting and ramping at depths-of-cut up to 6 mm.

Kyocera’s newly developed MFLN cutter features a wide contact insert face, making it suitable for large depths-of-cut and high feed rates. The tangentially mounted inserts, with a length of 22 mm and two cutting edges on each side, have been designed to deliver increased rigidity, low cutting force and high reliability in heavy milling. As a result, the MFLN reduces the tendency to chatter and prevents sudden insert fracture. Three cutter styles are offered based on different edge angles to cover a variety of machining applications: 90° (MFLN90), 70° (MFLN70) and 45° (MFLN45).