Kuka’s KR Quantec is the world’s first industrial robot to have digital ‘Motion Modes’. The software add-ons can be activated easily on the robot controller, optimising the performance for important motion sequences. Depending on the work step, the robot can switch between individual Motion Modes, making for a flexible production assistant.

The modes include ‘Performance Mode’, the optimum selection for the majority of tasks – from handling and spot welding to machining and loading/unloading. Also offered is Path Mode, which is used for continuous path motion, thus increasing the precision for both low and high path velocities – for example in adhesive bonding, measuring or laser applications. Another option is Dynamic Mode, which is right choice when the objective is to reduce cycle times. Dynamic mode gives the KR Quantec greater speed to reduce cycle times by around 10%.

Kuka’s KR Quantec is now available with payload capacities ranging from 120 to 300 kg, and reaches from 2,700 to 3,900 mm, in many special variants, such as ceiling-mounted, foundry, shelf-mounted and press-linking versions.

Fewer spare parts than the predecessor model is a further benefit, along with low energy consumption, reduced training requirements and simplified commissioning. Added to these advantages is an innovative servicing and maintenance concept for optimal life cycle efficiency.

With its disruptive contours reduced by 10% through a more streamlined wrist and smaller footprint, the latest KR Quantec simplifies engineering even in complex situations. Furthermore, the optimised disruptive contour of the energy supply system ensures easier simulation and more cost-effective cell planning.

The considerably shortened stopping distances of the robots make a further contribution to compact cell and system design, and enable flexibility in the planning and implementation of systems.