An improved gash design uses a continuously increasing rake angle, complemented by optimised coolant holes and straight cutting edges. TDS 45X also incorporates double margins that increase tool stability, while the highly polished flute, steep core and small cross-section reduce friction and cutting forces.

The patented TDS45X point means there is no need for a pilot hole. Moreover, a fine-grained carbide substrate offers high toughness levels that reduce the risk of fracture. When combining this factor with a h6 precision shank, the TDS45X is suitable for use in shrink-fit toolholders to generate even better hole quality.

The ‘X’ in the product name identifies the flute length, with TDS451 at 3xD, TDS452 at 5xD and TDS453 at 8xD. All drills are available in diameters ranging from 3.0 to 20 mm, and all have through-tool coolant, 140° point geometry and a proprietary PVD AlTiN coating. Widia’s WM15PD coating is said to provide extreme hardness, even under the elevated cutting temperatures commonly associated with drilling high-strength chromium-nickel alloys.