A primary design feature of the Voumard 1000 is the use of hydrostatic guideways, which are standard on all axes. The guideways provide high levels of damping, stick and slip-free operation and rigid wrap-around support, resulting in high surface quality and reliability, without any friction loss or wear.

Industries set to benefit range from aerospace to medical, with typical applications including grinding operations on parts for hydraulic components, spindles, bearings and gears.

The Voumard 1000 offers up to five CNC axes, with positioning accuracies in the nanometre range, as well as best-in-class tool and workpiece management, says the company. As part of the design concept, the machine also provides additional movement for dressing and measuring devices.

In replacing the Voumard 110, 130 and aspects of the 150 series, the 1000 machine can accommodate machine workpieces with a length of 300 mm, and 300 mm swing diameter over the table.

Other key elements of the Voumard 1000 include a fast-oscillation, direct-drive linear motor system; coolant management; a hydrostatic spindle turret configuration for easy access and accommodating a larger spectrum of parts; a hydrostatic B-axis; and a compact ‘table turret’ for collision-free dressing.

Finally, there is the FANUC 31i control for fast programming and re-tooling, even for inexperienced operators. The FANUC 31i uses the latest ‘Blue Solution’ software with object guide for easy operation and short set-up times.

Established for over 80 years, Voumard has almost 10,000 installed internal grinding machines around the world. Machines carrying the Voumard marque focus on grinding workpieces with large diameters and/or lengths. Acquired by Hardinge in 2014, Voumard is now an integrated part of Hardinge Inc’s grinding group alongside Jones & Shipman Hardinge, Kellenberger, Hauser, Tschudin, and Usach.Voumard's production and support facility is now back in Switzerland, where it is located within the Kellenberger operations.

In the UK, Jones & Shipman Hardinge represents all Hardinge grinding and ‘Super Precision’ products, along with sales and support for Okamoto grinding machines.