The new machine is described as “one of the most productive and versatile machines currently available for manufacturers of heavy structural steelwork, agricultural, earth moving and mining equipment who looking to maximise productivity, minimise production costs and increase accuracy when processing large heavy steel plate”.

Tipo G31 can be equipped with dual spindles each having independent sub-axis, which increases the productivity over a single-spindle line by approximately 40%.

The dual spindles can drill, mill and scribe simultaneously, even if the holes are not in line — and up to 24 tools can be available for each spindle.

Integration of an automatic part unloading system makes the Tipo G31 ideal for small to medium size parts.

To maximise spindle guidance and rigidity, the Tipo G31 features a double-bridge structure with the spindle or spindles located within the two bridges.

The hold-down clamp firmly secures plate, avoiding any vibrations that could compromise, part quality, accuracy and tool life. Once the material clamp is engaged, the sub-axis of the Tipo G31 produces all drilling, scribing or milling operations within the clamping window. This eliminates the need to clamp and unclamp and reposition the material in the length direction for each spindle’s operation.

In addition to the drilling heads, the Tipo G31 can be equipped with two plasma torches (straight or bevel) and up to three oxy-fuel torches.