Featuring TiN coating, the HSS-E tool can be used to form blind and through-hole threads (metric, metric fine, UNC/UNF and G) in all materials in the ISO groups P, M and N, as well as ISO K and S. Importantly, and in addition to the general advantage of eliminating ‘tool wedging’ due to trapped chips, the TC410 Advance expounds reduced wear and, therefore, extended tool life thanks to its geometry and post-treatment process.

The tool’s profile reduces cutting time which, in turn, minimises friction and the amount of heat generated. Tool life is also aided by an extremely smooth surface, which reduces torque requirements. The resulting ability to produce more threads with the same tool equates to a thread former having a high price-to-performance ratio, and one suitable for medium-to-large batch work.

Walter GB offers the TC410 Advance in two variants, without lubrication grooves or with grooves for deeper threads up to 3.5xD.