According to ESAB, a number of existing plasma bevelling systems are under utilised because of programming issues. In contrast, SmartBevel integrates plasma, CNC, software, height control, bevel head and gantry functions, so that users can take full advantage of their plasma cutting system and maximise productivity.

Many bevelling technologies require programmers to compensate for torch angle, torch height, kerf width and cutting speed in the part program or nest. As a result, operators are prevented from making any adjustments that might be required to produce accurate parts. To make modifications, they must go back to the programmer and have the program or nest updated. This can waste time and present an obstacle to producing quality components.

ESAB's SmartBevel improves bevel cutting in two ways. First, the technology delivers more bevel data for more bevel geometries. A high level of automation is offered to the programmer by incorporating best practice bevel cut sequences into Esab’s Columbus III CADCAM programming and nesting software. Second, SmartBevel puts all bevel compensation data into the CNC, not the programming software. Therefore, the part program or nest represents the actual desired part geometry, without bevel compensations. This eliminates the need for trial-and-error programming. Instead, operators can quickly make any necessary adjustments at the machine.

SmartBevel works in conjunction with the company’s plasma bevel cutting systems equipped with a Vision CNC. To maximise bevel cutting productivity, ESAB recommends using SmartBevel with its new DMX automated plasma beveller.