The two lasers (600 W or 1 kW) in the optics module can build either one component or several workpieces in parallel, providing flexibility to meet different order situations.

The scan field of each laser covers the entire chamber area, enabling build rates of up to 90 cm³/h and raising output by as much as 80% compared with single-laser machines. Active cooling of the build area allows users to remove finished components more quickly and so prepare orders faster, leading to a further increase in productivity.

The software automatically recognises which scan strategy is the most efficient for each job, ensuring that the machine always operates optimally. The adjustable focus diameter of the laser spot from 300 microns down to 50 microns results in high accuracy melting. Another feature is a permanent filter with a lifetime of more than 3,000 hours that, due to automatic passivation of metallic particles, offers a high level of operational safety.

DMG Mori has retained the ergonomic design of the Lasertec SLM series, which provides good accessibility for maintenance and to the build chamber. The intelligent, material-specific rePLUG unit for powder supply has a closed circuit under inert gas, allowing the powder to be exchanged easily and without contamination within two hours.

Contributing further to maximising productivity is Optomet software. This includes functions for optimising power and exposure strategies for enhanced machine performance, as well as for controlling the temperature throughout the 300 mm cube build volume to normalise conditions and reduce residual stresses in the components being produced.

The manufacturer has underscored its holistic approach to AM by extending the DMG Mori Qualified Products (DMQP) programme to include peripheral components and accessories from third-party companies. The main focus is on economy through unrestricted selection of powders and their return for recycling through selected DMQP partners, such as the global Heraeus group.

The wide choice of materials is available within a few working days through the DMG Mori online shop. These range from tool steel and stainless steel through aluminium and cobalt-chrome to Inconel and titanium, covering almost every requirement in the target industries.