The new machine is "set to revolutionise the industry" and gear cutting tool specialist Dathan is to develop a carbide tool for use on the machine, something that has not been done before, it is claimed. The resulting combination of the tool and the machine allows for the high speed production of gears (35 seconds), for the automotive and aerospace industries, achieved without the use of cutting lubricants. Overall, the benefits are: speed and efficiency; increased productivity; flexibility; and the process's environmentally friendly nature. Profilator first introduced the Scudding process at European manufacturing technology show EMO 2007. This sees a continuous cutting operation using a tool design similar to a helical shaper cutter. It can be used for a wide range of gear applications, including involute gears - like sprocket or ring gears; or on non-involute or non-symmetrical gears - like belt pulleys or straight synchronic gears. Dathan has invested in a new Schneeberger Sirius grinding machine as part of the development of the carbide Scudding tools. Says the company's commercial director, Robert Moorhouse: "As a market leader in our field, we welcomed the opportunity to work with the Profilator team on this project. As two precision engineering companies, we have a synergy that has led to a mutually beneficial relationship."