ArCut X is a conical end mill with a surface area that has a radius of curvature of up to 1,000 mm. Thanks to this design it is possible to realise larger step-over distances without any significant impact on the theoretical scallop height. The result is precise surfaces with brilliant surface characteristics that can minimise the amount of time spent polishing. As the tip of the ArCut X milling cutter has a spherical form, it also offers all of the plus points offered by a robust ball-nose end mill.

In terms of surface quality, low form tolerance of up to ±5 micron on the cutter is said to facilitate brilliant contour accuracy on the workpiece.

Further benefits include low wear as a longer section of the cutting edge is engaged. The tools can be re-sharpened and recoated via the ‘ReTool’ service from CIS.

With the ArCut X tool concept, Fraisa offers a range of conical end mills in various designs that cover a broad spectrum of finishing processes. In combination with the respective tool characteristics, the technologies facilitate a range of applications in a variety of materials.