The true innovation of this versatile system is new 3D graphic programming software Artcut. This allows off-line programming and simulation of the LT Free work cycle, allowing the system to work 24/7. With off-line programming, users also have all the time they need to program, simulate, make quotes, quantify times and costs, without having to stop the machine.

Programming with the new Artcut software is simple, fast and suitable for any 3D piece. Artcut also corrects axis trajectories to avoid collisions of the head with the part or other elements of the machine. Thanks to the collision resolution algorithm, Artcut autonomously resolves collisions.

In order to meet any specific requirement, four different system configurations are available:

Entry Level is the configuration dedicated to prototyping and job shops that work in small batches. The system is equipped with a single table to which the workpieces is attached.

Piece Value is the system intended for mass production, typically in the automotive sector. Applications that don’t have frequent need for retooling, but require high productivity benefit from its rotating table configuration.

Mid-Flex is the configuration adapted for those that have small size parts with a requirement in terms of productivity. Two tables in separate workstations allow optimising the cycle times, executing loading/unloading operations in background.

High Flex is the most comprehensive, versatile and powerful configuration, with two independent and robotic tables that ensure the maximum level of flexibility. In addition to sheet metal and mechanical assemblies, this system is capable of working with precision and efficiency in curved or hydroformed tubes that, during processing, can be held in position by the robot without requiring complex equipment.

In the High Flex and Piece Value versions, a bin picking system is available, a powerful loading/unloading station that allows the LT-Free system to work autonomously. With the help of a vision system, an external anthropomorphic robot is capable of identifying single components inside a container. The same robot collects finished parts and places them in another container.

An external loading robot offers multiple opportunities to customise the loading-unloading system, including the interconnection with other BLM Group systems.