WardJet’s A-0612 has been developed to accommodate the requirements of engineering shops where floor space and the need for more cost-effective production equipment are major considerations. A key benefit of the machine is that, although similarly configured waterjet machines invariably operate at pressures ranging from 2,068 to 3,103 bar, the A-0612 will operate at 4,137 bar. This enables machine owners to match the performance capabilities of much larger waterjet machines, but at a commensurately lower cost.

In common with all of the larger-format machines, the A-0162 is based on a heavy-duty tank construction embodying formed 6.35 mm thick steel for the side and floor, and a 125 mm box channel for added strength, supported by a 12.7 by 150 mm steel reinforcement bar. The A-0612 also incorporates multiple cutting-tool heads, an industrial-grade rack and pinion drive system, and an optional water level control system and cutting table enclosure. These attributes combine to reduce splashback (and thus conserve water) and subdue machine noise.

WardJet’s A-0612 will be shown cutting a range of materials, including stainless steel and other non-ferrous metals, cast and wrought iron, solid and composite rubber formulations, foamed substrates, high-pressure laminates, ceramics, glass, and fibreglass. The machine is supported with proprietary MOVE motion control software and a comprehensive performance warranty.