Available as an accessory to the TX7 or TXcell, the Spindle Speed Increaser can spin wheels at speeds up to 42,000 rpm, catering for very small diameter grinding wheels.

Says Duncan Thompson, ANCA product manager [based in Australia]: “Our customers wanted the flexibility to use grinding wheels of under 10 mm diameter, so we have introduced the new Spindle Speed Increaser to meet this need. Getting the right wheel surface speed is a critical factor in efficient grinding applications and this new accessory will enable our customers to create high quality tools across an even bigger range of applications.

“As the name implies, its geared mechanism increases the main machine spindle speed to a maximum of 42,000 rpm. Conveniently, the speed increaser can be changed out automatically in the same way as a regular wheel pack. This means it can be used in conjunction with other grinding wheel packs, facilitating a wider range of grinding operations.”

In the example of a PCD tool blank preparation, a standard wheel pack and rpm can be used for typical operations such as fluting and relief, while the speed increaser accessory can be used to grind the smaller PCD pockets. This means all operations only require one machine set-up to manufacture a completed tool. To complement this, ANCA provides dedicated PCD pocket software that allows users to quickly and easily define PCD pocket geometry on a given tool.

Concludes Duncan: “The spindle speed increaser, combined with the PCD pocket software, is just another option for you to consider new ways to enhance the opportunities for getting maximum value out of your machine tool investment.”