KOR 5 is aimed at removing large amounts of metal and getting it away from the work zone as quickly as possible. Design features include a tapered core, variable pitch design and a 35° helix to help eliminate chatter and tool deflection. The through-coolant tool also has a novel chip-splitter pattern that is designed to break up long chips and eliminate re-cutting, but still contribute to high surface quality.

Kennametal’s KOR 5 has more active contact points than a 2-fluted or 3-fluted end mill, chiefly because the 5-fluted cutter creates improved stability and eliminates chatter on even the heaviest cuts. Applying the tool with low radial engagement, but high depth of cut results in much higher metal removal rates than traditional methods.

And to assure predictable, zero pull-out performance at maximum feed rates, the KOR 5 is available with Safe-Lock shanks.

“Slotting, deep pocketing, dynamic milling – whatever your aluminium application – KOR 5 can do it faster,” states Thilo Mueller, manager for solid-carbide end milling.